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Respect. It’s a pretty simple concept. As a noun, you can boil it down to how we feel about someone. When it’s a verb, to respect someone is to hold…

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Because I drive a bus, I’ve received a few, “Oh, I’m so sorry” looks and even a few comments suggesting I might be wasting my talents. I have a few…

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Attitude.  It’s in the way you walk, talk, and present yourself to the world.  It’s also all about what’s inside and how you see the world around you. There’s a…


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Effort.  This post should have been an easy one to write.  There’s information all over the place about effort.  Our slogan this season at the Dojo is, “Hard work beats talent…


This fall at the Dojo we’re talking about things that take zero talent.  There’s a list of ten items floating around the internet, but this week, I’m just going to focus on one of them – being on time.

What are the 5 great reasons to be on time?  In a nutshell, being on time:

Prepares you for your activity,
Keeps you focused on the present moment,
Shows respect for others,
Builds discipline and self-confidence, and lastly
Gives you choices and keeps you in control of your day.

Exactly how does being on time help you with all of these items listed above?  Keep reading to find out.

Being on time prepares you.

When you’re on time, whether for a class, a performance, a party, or any other event with a stated start time, you have the ability

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Life used to be so great, until my carpool partner moved in January. That’s when I had to start facing the devil beast we all know by its other name,…


Wednesday, known as Ash Wednesday in Christianity, marked the beginning of Lent.  The forty day period, excluding Sundays, leading up to Easter traditionally has been a time of reflection, service,…


  Things have been looking up this season for Georgia football.  Finally!  Our defense, which, let’s face it, has been quite less than stellar since Brian VanGorder left, has begun…