Fear. No more.

It’s been about a week since I announced to the world that I am writing a book. I have to tell you that I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time. Really, I’ve wanted that for as long as I can remember. So why didn’t I take this leap sooner? I don’t really […]

Day One

I set a goal for myself that this would be the year I would sit down and start writing my book. It’s not like years past where I said that I would write my book. I’m not just going to toy with the idea. This is serious. I’m talking write a thesis statement, have a […]

Respect and why we bow

Respect. It’s a pretty simple concept. As a noun, you can boil it down to how we feel about someone. When it’s a verb, to respect someone is to hold them in high regard. Sounds simple, right? Well, sometimes. We’re talking about respect this season at the Dojo, and the number of ways we show […]

Because I drive a bus

Because I drive a bus, I’ve received a few, “Oh, I’m so sorry” looks and even a few comments suggesting I might be wasting my talents. I have a few choice words for those people, but let’s keep this family friendly.  I’ll take a different route. (See what I did there?) A little backstory Why […]

Attitude – It’s all up to you

Attitude.  It’s in the way you walk, talk, and present yourself to the world.  It’s also all about what’s inside and how you see the world around you. There’s a Dojo saying, “Which wolf do you feed?”  Whether it’s the good wolf or the evil wolf, it’s all about attitude, and it’s all about choices […]

It’s All in the Effort

Effort.  This post should have been an easy one to write.  There’s information all over the place about effort.  Our slogan this season at the Dojo is, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”  Of course, you can also add something one of my favorite physicists, Albert Einstein, said, “I have no special talent. […]

Taming the Devil Beast

Life used to be so great, until my carpool partner moved in January. That’s when I had to start facing the devil beast we all know by its other name, morning car line, on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie to you; it’s not pretty. We’ve all heard, just leave the house earlier, […]

My power is off

Wednesday, known as Ash Wednesday in Christianity, marked the beginning of Lent.  The forty day period, excluding Sundays, leading up to Easter traditionally has been a time of reflection, service, and fasting.  For most of us, we give something up for Lent.  Usually, we give up something that is a treat, temptation, or just something […]